Get More Reviews

Automated Reputation Management for growing businesses

One Tap Action

Optional Ai Auto Reply

How it Works

Collect Reviews



Customer taps an NFC Stand,
Card or Sticker to share a review for your business

Ai Auto Reply



Optional setup with our Ai Reputation Management Software to contextually auto reply to reviews on your behalf.

Boost Business



Watch your business grow with better reputation, local SEO and word of mouth marketing

Vizz Co


Unified Solution

Unified Solution

Physical NFC Stand + Ai Software Solution to automate and supercharge your Reputation Management.

Closed Loop

Close the Loop with A.i

Ensure every review gets a response with our built in A.i driven Review Response Management tool.

Local SEO

Local SEO

Local businesses with higher and better rated reviews get much better results as part of Local Search Engine Optimization tactics resulting in higher website traffic and therefore leads/sales.

Instant Access

Instant Access

5 min to setup and you can start collecting responses connected to your own Online Reputation Management tool with A.i automation.

Easy Setup

Easy Setup

Hassle free shipping and device setup. We offer blank (DIY) or pre-configured options to minimize the time you need to start collecting reviews.

Any NFC Device

Any NFC Device

Our NFC devices work with iOS and Android devices including phones and tablets which support NFC technology.

No App Installs

No App Installs

One tap is all you need. Forget installing apps or opening the camera app to scan fudgy looking QR Codes.

Custom Branding

Custom Branding

We offer NFC devices with your custom printed branding available in small, medium and large NFC Stand options.

CRM Integration

Integrated CRM

Our ORM (Online Reputation Management) comes with a built-in full fledged CRM and Marketing Automation platform.

Multi Device

Multi Device

Install multiple devices to collect reviews along with an optional single Location ORM SaaS account to streamline and automate 2 way review management

Multi Location

Multi Location

Install multiple devices on multiple locations to collect reviews integrated with an independent ORM account for each location.

Infinite Possibilities

Infinite Possibilities

Use our NFC Stand and ORM/CRM solutions to collect or distribute any kind of data for e.g PDFs, URLs, Visiting Card Files, Payment Links, etc


What is an NFC Stand?

An NFC Stand is an acrylic device with an in-built NFC Chip that is configured to perform an action when another NFC-enabled device comes in its proximity i.e. when another device ‘taps’ the stand.

What is an ORM Software, what does it do?

Our Online Reputation Management Software helps you manage all your Google Reviews in a single dashboard, auto-reply to these reviews, request reviews from previous customers and get access to our Marketing Automation software.

When will I receive the NFC stand I ordered?

The ETA is 2-7 business days depending on your location. We ship out orders the next business day.

How long does the start ORM subscription take to start?

The setup is usually 5 minutes however keep schedule a 30 min onboarding call to ensure our representative answers all possible questions.

Is the NFC stand a subscription based payment?

No, the NFC stand is a physical product and belongs to you once received. It is sold at a one time price. Final Sale, No Exchange/Refunds.

Is the ORM software a subscription based payment?

Yes, you can choose to pay per month or get a discount by paying annually.

Can I pay the ORM subscription per month?

Yes, absolutely!

Is there a contract for the ORM subscription?

There is no ‘contract’ – you pay month-to-month or annually (depending on your subscription type).

How do I cancel my ORM Software subscription?

You can login to your account and do so yourself or email us at [email protected]. Please do so before your next billing cycle. 

Do I have to purchase an ORM Software subscription with each stand? 

Although it is not mandatory but it is recommended to get the maximum benefits and fully automate your business’s Online Reputation Management

I have multiple locations, how many ORM subscriptions do I need?

You can opt for 1 or more NFC Stands. Each NFC stand is configured to perform a single action.

Can I deploy more than 1 ORM Subscription per location?

The ORM subscription is 1 per location as we’re only able to setup 1 google my business profile per location.

Can I deploy more than 1 NFC Stand per location?

Yes, you can. You can deploy unlimited NFC stands in a single location and have them all linked to the same ORM software subscription to maximize review collection. Please see applicable usage limits of auto responses.

Do you offer volume discounts on NFC stands/devices?

Yes, we do. Please see below:
1 – 4 (regular price)
5 – 8 devices (10% off)
9 – 15 devices (20% off)
If you need more than 15 devices, please email us at [email protected] to get enterprise pricing. 

Do you offer volume discounts on ORM Subscriptions? 

Yes, we do. Please see below:
1 – 4 (regular price)
5 – 8 subscriptions/locations (10% off)
9 – 15 subscriptions/locations (20% off)
If you need more than 15 subscriptions, please email us at [email protected] to get enterprise pricing.

Are your NFC Stands (devices) compatible with all kinds of mobile devices?

Yes, all NFC enabled devices including iOS and Android operating systems.

Are you affiliated with Google, Yelp, TrustPilot, TripAdvisor or any other brand?

No, we are not affiliated or endorsed by any such brand.

Can I change the URL or action that happens on my NFC Stand?

Yes, absolutely. Follow these steps to change the specific URL or action that happens when someone taps your NFC stand/device.

Where do I find my Google My Business Review Link?

Follow these steps: 
1)Login to your Google Account 
2)Search for your business on Google
3)Scroll down to see the ‘Reviews’ section in the right column.
4)Click on Get more Reviews 
5)Copy the Review Link

Can you customize the Smart Feedback Form and Thank You page? 

Yes, we can customize the Smart Feedback form and the completion (Thank you) with your branding and question formatting with limited changes.

How will we receive the feedback which does not get posted to online platforms?

You will receive an email alert with additional data, if entered by the customer including name, email address and contact number.

Are the reviews collected from real people?

Yes, 100%! All reviews are collected from your own customers and guests.

Can the NFC Stand/Card/Sticker be used for any other purpose other than collecting reviews/feedback?

Absolutely! It can be used to redirect customers to any URL, download a PDF, Contact (.vcf file), get map directions and more!


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