Windows Phone Best Free Educational App For Kids

Windows Phone Best Free Educational Apps for Kids 2015

Pre-school education is essential for your toddler because it is the building block of your child’s elementary education. It helps in laying down a healthy foundation for the all-round development of your child. It is necessary to provide your child with good pre-primary education for him to be prepared for future education. Pre-primary education prepares your child for kindergarten and future school. It allows your child to build a base for his future education. Pre-primary education exposes the creativity of the child, thus allowing the child to develop his personality in a natural way and these apps will help you educate your child and will do needful for him. You’ll find easy to read and use these apps for learning more, and for trying some activities within your setting.

So here is some fun and educational apps for 2 to 8 year old that’ll give you the best bang for your buck and you won’t feel guilty about letting your kid use them.

ABC Letters and Phonics for Pre School Kids:

ABC Letters and Phonics for Pre School Kids

ABC Letters and Phonics for Pre School Kids (20MB) – This app is a best educational app for your kids and toddlers with the help of which he can play as well as learn. This app contains five skilled games in a single app for parents to share with their kids like ABC Letters and Phonetics, Numbers and Counting, Colours, Shape puzzles, and tracing. Now your Children can learn to count and begin to understand one-to-one correspondence with the help of this app on your Windows Phone. There are strikingly beautiful pictures with corresponding names to help build vocabulary. Your children can now match pictures in an appealing puzzle format.

You can also buy an ad free version of this app which contains additional activities within the product only. This app is my favorite too as it takes me back to my childhood.

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Developed By: KidZone Studios, Inc.


GS Kids! Preschool Games:

GS Kids! Preschool Games

GS Kids! Preschool Games (20 MB) – This app is a perfect app designed especially for kids of 3-6 age groups to make them learn and develop their mental skills. Now with Easy and intuitive instructions for the kids, you can teach your kid while having fun. This app have different lists of games like Count 123, Scratch to reveal, Balloon pop, Match the colors, Tricky maze, Jigsaw puzzle, Odd one out, Missing objects, Same to same etc. there is no winning and no losing which will keep the kid enchanted with the experience of the game and will never say no to learning. After playing the game your kids will receive different Rewards and appreciation according to the game play at the end of each game which helps in boosting the kid’s morale. You can also buy the premium app to get more features and more options to explore with your kids.

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Kids Memory Match:

Kids Memory Match

Kids Memory Match (10 MB) – This app is best if you want your child to learn matching. There are different categories of flash cards but this app allows you to create your own categories and flash cards with the help of your Windows Phone. There are five different memory match board sizes with the help of those you can play with them all. You can also try to beat your own high scores by playing the game regularly. Time period will tell you the exact time in which you have completed the puzzle. This game will increase your toddler’s memory and will excite him with the exotic pictures behind the puzzles. Theses pictures will help your kids learn different things at the time of playing the game.

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Developed By: Denham software solutions

Match Animals for Kids:

Match Animals for Kids

Match Animals for Kids (22 MB) – This is a 3 games in 1 kind of games where your child can learn solving puzzle, memory game and can also guess the colours. You can teach your kid about animals and colours and improve his memory and cognitive skills with the help of this innovative app. You can make your child play with different four themes that are farm, forest, jungle and sea. With the extra feature of sound your kid will learn sounds made by different animals and can also pronounce the names of animals simultaneously. Puzzles are known to be some of the most addicting games for kids and puzzle solving will be a great benefit to your child’s mental development and you’ll get a happy and a curious kid.

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Developed By: Webelinx D.O.O

Fun Coloring Book:

Fun Coloring Book

Fun Coloring Book (7 MB) – With the help of this coloring app your kids can showcase his talent of coloring. There are different themes available like Valentine’s Day, Saint Patrick’s Day, Easter, Earth Day, Cinco de Mayo, Summer Vacation, Halloween, Christmas, and more. Now you can add Funny stamps, textures, gradients to the art you have created. You cal also add a colourful text and frame as well according to your choice. You can also draw on the photos taken from your camera and your art will be saved in your pictures gallery. With the help of different Drawing tools like paint bucket, paintbrush, highlighter, spray paint and eraser your kid will have fun playing with this app. You can also Email pictures to your family and friends straight from the app.

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Developed By: Bit Sprouts LLC

Toddler Counting:

Toddler Counting

Toddler Counting (3 MB) – This is must have app for toddlers to learn counting with help of Mother’s voice. It helps child to learn counting skill faster. On selecting learn option, learning starts with voice saying “Can you count number of……..?” or “Count number of….”. When the count of the entire object in particular screen completes, Mother’s voice gives appreciation like “Well done…”, “Awesome” etc which motivates the toddler to learn more. On selecting write from menu option number appear on screen and toddler can practice writing of numbers. You can also select the number of toddler choice to count. With the help of this app your toddler can learn counting from 1 – 20 in a fun and easy manner.

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Developed By: Sumit Dutta

Paint and Puzzle Free:

Paint and Puzzle Free

Paint and Puzzle Free (3 MB) – This is a very interesting paint and puzzle app that offers innovative games for your kids. You can choose between 10 different cute animals and 5 different environments to create 50 unique sketches with an almost infinite amount of different colouring possibilities. With all these unique drawings can then afterwards be used in a puzzle game, creating a different experience every time you play. The puzzle mode of this app offers you with 3 difficulties making it easy to adjust to your kid’s skill level. Each time a sketch has been colour by your kid it is automatically saved in the games picture album, where you have the option of saving it to the phone’s picture album. You can also buy a paid version of this app from your Windows Phone store which will cost your Rs 55.

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Developed By: Pixeleap



STORY TIME (15 MB) – If your kid doesn’t goes to bed until he listens to a story then this app is specially meant for your kids. Now you can read your stories with text and beautiful images. There is also an option of Parental control to hide stories you don’t want your kids to watch. You can also download new stories automatically from cloud on your Windows Phone. You can now pin videos to start screen of your Windows Phone as live tiles for faster and easy access. Video player now also supports HD videos. The app will also notify you when new stories will get added with Live Tile on your start page. You can also keep track of your favorite story according to your choice and preference.

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Developed By: LART SOFT

Color Match: Toddler Learning

Color Match

Color Match: Toddler Learning (<1 MB) – This is a simple but entertaining game for your children. Now your child will have fun while learning the different colors. This app teaches your kids colors and helps build their memory skills. This game will keep your toddler entertained for a good 30 – 40 minutes. Now your toddlers will start learning the different colors in other languages also as this app supports French, Spanish, English, and Hindi language as well. You also have an option of choosing voice or not which will keep your kid active while playing the game. You can also play the game as long as you can and I assure you that this game will be an addiction to your kid as well your child.

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Developed By: SteadyApps

Nursery Rhymes – Fun Unlimited

Nursery Rhymes - Fun Unlimited

Nursery Rhymes – Fun Unlimited (3 MB) – Nursery Rhymes on your Windows phone to keep your loving kid engrossed in animated rhymes and learn them quickly and easily. Different options like Pause, Play, mute, unmute and stop the video feature available on screen, tap to bring the control bar up. Now you can resume your video from where you left it before going to home screen.

You will not wait now for all popular videos as all are available right now, on everybody’s demand. There will be no loss to your personal informative on as these videos are virus free. In this app showing of the list of videos is fast as no buffering time is required for the list. You can also share the videos with other parents to help their child to learn more in an innovative manner. You can also buy an add free version of this app which will not distract your Childs concentration.

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Developed By: OOB App Creations

Pre School Essentials by GuruCool:

Pre School Essentials by GuruCool

Pre School Essentials by GuruCool (22 MB) – In this collection of app there is strikingly beautiful pictures with corresponding names to help your child build vocabulary. This app will help your kid develop early literacy skills such as making predictions. Your kid can also develop visual discrimination with the help of matching pictures in an appealing puzzle format. Your children can also learn to count and begin to understand one-to-one correspondence. This app provides with five most essential skill games to share with your kids like ABC Letters and Phonetics, Numbers and Counting, Colours, Shape puzzles, and Tracing. Carefully selected images, voices, and background music to facilitate the maximum learning potential of your child and not distract them. This is overall a fun, entertaining, and educational app and must in your Windows Phone.

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Developed By: Kidzone Studios, Inc.

Puzzle games for kids:

Puzzle games for kids

Puzzle games for kids (38 MB) – this app is a fun to play with and entertaining to download. This app delivers 5 amazing learning games for your kids those are; WORLD MUSIC – Arrange music instruments and learn their names and sounds, JUNGLE SAFARI – where your child can learn animal names and their sounds, THINGS THAT GO!- Learn a variety of vehicles and the sound they make, WORLD OF SPORTS- where you can learn about sports from around the globe, SHAPE PUZZLES – where you can learn to recognize and associate common shapes. Your kids will stay entertained as they learn new concepts and expand their vocabulary by playing with a variety of educational games included in this one single app

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Developed By: KidZone Studios, Inc.


All the apps are meant to entertain and educate your child. Videos and pictures shown are made according to the small kids. You can also use parental lock if you find any picture or video which is not worth showing your child. All the apps are worth downloading and are best to keep in your phone which will help your child in future. Do download these apps and don’t forget to write your review and experience with the apps and your child.