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WhatsApp New Blue Tick To Notify When Message is Read

You must be wondering how come the grey-colored tick marks are turning blue all of a sudden. Nothing to worry about as WhatsApp has introduced a new notification feature which will tell you whether you message on WhatsApp o read or left unread.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular and well-known instant messaging service around the globe. WhatsApp has added a new WhatsApp notification feature to its service where it will notify you when your message is read.

Previously, WhatsApp, showed double check marks if any sent message had been received by the recipient. The new WhatsApp notification update is that, now those double check marks will turn blue if your message is been read by the recipient. This feature can be noticed on both iOS as well as Android devices.


According to the 9to5Mac report, “this WhatsApp notification feature isn’t part of an update to the app through the App Store,” but an “over-the-air” update sent to iOS and Android builds of the app. WhatsApp displays two tick marks where the first tick indicates that WhatsApp server has received your message and second tick indicates that the recipient has got the message. These ticks turning from grey to blue color will indicate now that the recipient have read your message.

I personally liked this feature a lot and it’s going to ditch the statements like: Oh… So Sorry! I didn’t check my WhatsApp since last night. No tricks can work anymore 🙂 as it has become more direct.

According to reports, WhatsApp soon will add VOIP (Voice over IP) capabilities which was spotted on WhatsApp’s iOS app. The speciality of this feature is that it will allow over 600 million users to make free calls over both cellular and WiFi. The best part is this will be available for Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Microsoft’s platforms.

So head over to your WhatsApp and check out the changes yourself.