Best Free Alarm Clock Apps For Snooze Lovers

Wake Up Solving Puzzles With Some Best Alarm Clock Apps

Some or I can say most of us? Well, all of us love to sleep especially during winters, where waking up early in the morning becomes the most tedious task for sleep lovers. We often snooze alarms and later realize that we’re late for work or any important meeting. For such situations and for sleep lovers who don’t like to wake up on time when the alarm rings, here is a list of best alarm clock apps, that shall wake you you by solving puzzles.

All of these alarm clock apps are handpicked puzzle alarm clock that comes with variety of dismiss methods, in which you may solve puzzle, calculate math sums, arranging right sequence of colors and more to wake up with wide open eyes, and lies no point of sleep ahead.

Timely Alarm Clock:

Timely Alarm Clock

Timely Alarm Clock is one the best among the puzzle alarm clock apps which comes with clean and soothing interface. This alarm clock app lets you set alarms and at the same time lets you set you recurring, if any. The app comes with many in-built alarm tones, so that you can choose the desired alarm tone.

This alarm clock app comes with an option of Challenges where it offers options like: Shake It, Math Puzzle, Random Pattern and Match It. You can set these challenges while setting the alarm and at the same it set random option to appear to dismiss alarm. You can also customize certain features where you can adjust alarm volume, snooze duration,  shrinking snooze duration and much more so as to personalize the app according to your requirements.

Grab Timely Alarm Clock from here.

Developed By: Bitspin

Puzzle Alarm Clock:

Puzzle Alarm Clock

Puzzle Alarm Clock is another app that comes second in the list of puzzle alarm clock apps. This alarm clock app comes with variety of dismiss alarm option and at the same time does not provide an option to Snooze the alarm.

This alarm clock comes with random puzzles like: Captcha, Math equations, Patterns, and more. This alarm app is also capable of sending SMS to emergency contacts, in case, the SMS receipt can call you to wake you up from the sleep. Another additional feature of this app is that, it lets you launch any app as soon as you disable the alarm.

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Grab Puzzle Alarm Clock from here.

Developed By: Wro Claw Studio S.C.

Alarm Puzzle:

Alarm Puzzle

Alarm Puzzle is another alarm clock app that comes with three fun alarm dismiss modes: Feather Sleep, Shepherd and The Rock. Each puzzle is unique and is to set while setting the alarm for specific time. You can also add labels ans set recurring, if required. This app comes with snooze option but at the same time lets you just once that too for 5 minutes only. Bad news for snoozers.

You can wake up by either drawing patterns, shooting jumping sheep and listening to rock music. Indeed fun app among the list of alarm clock apps.

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Grab Alarm Puzzle for Android from here.

Developed By: zeusrapps

Alarm Puzzle Clock:

Alarm Puzzle Clock

Alarm Puzzle Clock offers not only alarm clock but also comes with a timer and stopwatch. You just need to set the time for which you want the alarm to ring. While setting the alarm, you can custom set the snooze time, snooze reapeat time, volume, alarm ring, etc. according to your needs. In addition you can also custom set the dismiss mode where it offers you total of 5 along with normal mode. You can write Captcha, Shake, solve math puzzle, fix image puzzle, and more to make your alarm dismiss more fun.

Grab Alarm Puzzle Clock from here.

Developed By: Phonato Studios Pvt. Ltd.

Alarmr : Wake up alarm clock:

Alarmr - Wake up alarm clock

Alarmr comes with soothing interface where it offers variety of options, like sleep timer, flash light, etc. This app comes with variety of themes so that you can custom set the appearance of the clock as well. You can set alarm along with alarm dismiss modes and snooze duration as per your convenience.

In addition to all, you can set you weather location, news feeds links, and create that days schedule so that you stay updated each time when the alarm rings.

Grab Alarmr : Wake up alarm clock from here.

Developed By: r3app, inc.

I am sure with these alarm clock apps, sleep lovers are going to have tough time with their sleep. These apps are apt for waking up those who hate annoying alarm bells and are habitual to snooze each time.

So all the mommies and wives try out these puzzle alarm clock apps to wake your sleeping freaks.