PNR Status Checker Apps

PNR Status Tracker Apps To Check PNR Status of Trains, Flights

PNR status is one unique number generally seen on train tickets as well as flight tickets. This is that number through which we can track the current status of our tickets and to see whether are seat reservation is confirmed or not.

In emergency scenarios when you’re sitting within huge crown and want to check the status of your ticket, opening your personal laptop becomes quite a tedious task. In such situations, PNR status trackers apps can prove to be your best travel companion.

These PNR status trackers apps lets you enter PNR or either train or flight or both, and lets you track your seat reservation status so that you can travel comfortably. Let’s checkout these PNR status checker apps below:

Indian Railway PNR Enquiry:

Indian Railway PNR Enquiry

Indian Railway PNR Enquiry is train PNR status tracker app that lets you check whether your train seat resevation is confirmed, waiting or in RAC.

All you’ve to do is simply enter your PNR number with the related required information to train the current status of your seat. In addition to checking the PNR status you can also keep an eye on train availability, live train status, find trains, and more after you’ve booked your train tickets via IRCTC.

Indian Railway PNR Enquiry is quite most informative app that provides you many details which you may require while planning your travel.

Grab Indian Railway PNR Enquiry from here.

Developed By: AZeeDroid

PNR Status Rail Flight Tracker:

PNR Status Rail Flight Tracker

PNR Status Rail Flight Tracker is quite a good PNR status tracker app that lets you track seat reservation status of both train as well as for flight. All you’ve to do is simply, enter the your PNR number present on your ticket and instantly check the status of your ticket.

The app shows the current status and at the same time lets you notify you in case of changes in the schedule of both train as well as flight.

Grab PNR Status Rail Flight Tracker from here.

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Train+Flight Informer:

Train+Flight Informer

Train+Flight Informer is another PNR status tracker app that lets you track pnr of both train as well as flight. The app is quite similar to that of previous one. This app lets you see the train schedule, list of trains between the stations, seat availability and much more. This app also lets you track various details of domestic Indian flights and much more so that you can grab the seats of those that suits your travel plan.

Grab Train+Flight Informer from here.

Developed By: iGex Solutions

You can install theses PNR status tracker apps and use them in emergency when you don’t get access to your laptops. If you often travel and don’t get seat reservations confirmed, its apt to use these apps to stay updated.