Chrome Remote Desktop For Ios

New Google Chrome Remote Desktop App Now on iOS

Google has launched Chrome Remote Desktop for iOS devices which were previously available for Android users to remotely access your computer or laptop.

As we all know, are plenty of remote desktop apps that lets you take full control over computer from your iOS devices, iPhone or iPad. Free version may not offer you many features and to have those advanced features you might have to shed some penny from your wallet. Which means, to get great options in combination with advanced features will cost money and may not as simple as your Google account, in terms of logging in.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Launching Chrome Remote Desktop app for iOS devices have bought relieve to those who really missed and wished ever of having Chrome Remote Desktop app on their iPhone or iPad.

To access your PC remotely from your iOS device, all you need to do is, first install Chrome Remote Desktop software available at Chrome Web Store either on Windows PC or can be Mac too.  This requires a Google account via which you need to log-in to use this app.

You’re you’ve connected to a remote PC, you can now control the same with the help of two modes: A Track-pad mode, and A Touch mode, which can be easily switched by the user with the help of toolbar.

To maintain the privacy of your device and PC both, Google recommends you to protect remotely access facility with the help of a secure PIN, to add an extra level of security, to avoid unwanted access. You can give access to your friend or any of your dear one by providing them temporary access by generating an unique access code for each session.

We advice and recommend you to use this app with caution while sharing your PC with other, as to the one whom you’ve provided access, will be able to see your email address, including access to your applications, files, documents, emails, etc. In short, will have full control over your computer, which can be risky at a certain point.


I would like to conclude by saying, Chrome Remote Desktop app can be loved by users who wished to have total control over their PC using an iPhone or iPad and can definitely prove out to be the best option to remotely access your desktop over costlier iOS remote access apps.

Grab Chrome Remote Desktop App for iOS from here.