New Ios Apps Games 2015

Must Have iOS Best New Apps , iOS Games You Missed Out 2015

Here is a list of new apps that have launched recently but you might have missed in the enjoyment of celebrating new year.

Below is the list of all the iOS new app and new games, both free and paid, which I suppose, you must try to begin your year with great productivity and fun. Checkout these missed out new releases below.

New ios APPs

Nintype, ($4.99):

Nintype is is a new ios new app that offers you two-Handed Sliding Keyboard, which lets you tap on to words quickly and correctly. This keyboard app offers you variety of features Backspace slide, Edge slide  shortcuts, Chord shortcuts, Flick auto-complete, Autospace Mode, customized theme, WPM counter, emojis, and more, before you to experience seamless typing.

Grab this app from here.

Developed By: Jormy Games

Workflow, ($2.99):

Workflow is another new ios app that can work as your personal automation tool. This app lets you create powerful and active workflows by dragging and dropping any combination of actions that you wish to perform.
This app includes over 100 actions, that include music, maps, camera, calendar, contacts, and more. This app has the ability to make animated GIF’s, Make PDFs from Safari or using a share sheet, get directions, send message by attaching the last screenshot, and more.

Grab this app from here.

Developed By: DeskConnect, Inc.

RefME, (Free):

RefME is a kind of scanner app that lets you scan books, journal barcodes, etc. This app also lets you search DOI, URL, ISBN, etc. in case you don’t have barcodes to scan.

This app offer you over 7000 referencing styles and around 30 + referencing sources, so that you can end with good results. The app lets you sync and save with which is one of the best and ultimate online referencing platform where you can easliy export your references to Word, BibTex, Mendeley, and more. In addition, you can also send an Email or export to Evernote.

Grab this app from here.

Developed By: ReferenceME Ltd.

IOS Games:
Bloks, (Free):

Bloks is a new iOS game that is fast-paced and puzzle match game. The gameplay of this puzzle game is to make 4 blocks of the same color simply by swapping away the Bloks of rows and columns, both.
The game comes up with 3 powerups, 2 game modes, with a comibination of fun and additive gameplay, where you just want to score the highest.
The lets you compete you friends via Facebook or Gamecenter, both.

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Developed By: Bulkypix

Space Marshals, ($4.99):

Space Marshals is another new iOS game that lets you enjoy Sci-fi Wild West adventure to an outer space! This game comes with tactical top-down shooter that turns you into specialist Burton comes out of disastrous prison hunting for dangerous fugitives.

The hero of the game is equipped with wide range of weapons and gear along with multiple factions to fight and gain victory. Try out this new iOS game to experience gorgeous, stylist HD graphics.

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Developed By: Pixelbite

Borderlands Legends, ($4.99):

Borderlands Legends is new addition in the Borderland franchise. The gameplay lets you play as your favorite character, who needs to fight for life.
The game offers you variety of weapons, unique powers, abilities, and more, so that you can use these to save your life. The game incorporates randomized missions and strategic cover systems, to make the game more playful and addictive.

Grab this game from here.

Developed By: 2K

Checkout these iOS new apps which you might have missed out. Pick your favorite from the above list and send us your feedback in the comments below.