Microsoft Buys Acompli Email Management Mobile App For $200M

Microsoft Buys Acompli email management mobile app for $200M, for both iOS and Android. This huge purchase by Microsoft seems to bring out some more enhanced experiences and improved productivity across mobile devices. As this year, Microsoft introduced Office to iPhone and iPad and gave a hint of bring the same to Android devices as well.

Majority of the people read their email on mobile phones and so it becomes quite essential to provide people seamless fantastic experiences, no matter wherever you are. This new acquirement is probably going to bring out more innovative ideas as Acompli teams seems to be passionate about this. Most of us are quite well-known about the feature that Acompli offers to provide seamless email experience. Apart form Acompli team, app lovers are also enthusiastic about this new news and giving positive feedback in return.

“In a world where more than half of email messages are first read on a mobile device, it’s essential to give people fantastic email experiences wherever they go,” said Microsoft vice president Rajesh Jha in a blog post.

At Microsoft, email management app Acompli will work as independent group within the Office 365 organization and shall bring out mobile email products for both Android as well iOS. This new integration seems to bring out new excitement and open more opportunities to bring good products.

There are no plans to terminate support for competitive email services within Acompli mobile app. The app currently supports Gmail, Google Apps, iCloud, Yahoo, Exchange, etc. As for the current situation, where Microsoft Buys Acompli email management app, there are many details which remain unfold. Assumptions apart, Acompli is quite focused on its email productivity and aims to bring out some outstanding features to enhance the user experience.

Microsoft is working hard to bring its products in mobile devices. Last month Microsoft has announced a deal where it will bring Dropbox file sharing feature to Office.

Tech giant Microsoft is planning to bring to great evolution in the field of mobile devices to enhance user-experience and bring productivity among the users.