Free iPhone Camera App Similar To Time Machine: Timera

One of the best iPhone camera app available on iTunes, Timera helps you to live the past and the present, both at the same time. Timera is an app where you can turn your camera into time machine and that is why the name ‘Timera- Time Camera’. On this app, you can create amazing combinations of your old photographs and new photographs.

Timera-iPhone camera app

Timera is an iPhone camera app where you can combine the old pictures with the views from your camera into something unique and amazing. It is also a sort of social network based only on pictures, where you can upload the pictures you created using this app. You can search for old original images or just shuffle Timera images uploaded by the users. You can edit and apply changes, as per your requirements. The social networking aspect of this app allows you to follow the users to get latest updates from them. The best part is that, this app is also available for Android phones, which according to me is great.

How to Use This iPhone Camera App:

Timera is available on iTunes store for free. The app can be downloaded on iPhone or iPad without any charge.

After downloading the iPhone camera app Timera, it asks you to register and then you can start using it. You can register with your Facebook, Twitter, Google plus or using your email id. After registration, the app takes you to the homepage i.e. the Dashboard. You can see 5 option on the bottom of your screen:


  • Explore: This option takes you to the page where you can see the top users of the app. You can choose to see their pictures by following them.
  • More: This is the page where you can see your id, your photos and make changes in your settings.
  • Dashboard: The Dashboard or homepage of the app is where you create Timera. In the middle of the screen you see a camera icon and when you click it a message appears asking you to choose the old photo. You can choose old photo from gallery or map or you can search for it on Timera.
  • Map: The option appears right next to Dashboard on the screen. You can also choose the map when the message appeared on dashboard asking you to select your source of old photo. You can see photos for a particular location and choose to create Timera from it.
  • Search: This is the third source for the old photos. You can see popular tags on the main page of search and clicking it will take you to the pictures associated with that tag. Search option is available on left bottom of home page. You can also select it when the create Timera option on Dashboard asks you to choose the source.


After the selection of the source and then the picture from the source, the iPhone camera app takes you to the Timera creation page. You can see the view from the camera and old picture you have selected superimposed over it in middle of the screen. You can adjust the visibility of the old photo from full visibility to zero. On full visibility, the photo will be seen in its original form in middle of the screen and on zero visibility it will be transparent. Clicking the camera logo on the bottom of the screen will give you the Timera image you created. In addition to all, you can also edit and apply filters, to any the photo, to make it look more attractive.

Now in the next stage you can select how much part of the old photo you want to show and where. You can save the image in your drafts section and upload it later.

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Verdict About Timera:

The iPhone camera app Timera is a very fun app. The concept of the app is unique and very few people come to think of something peculiar as this. Timera is fun, it is creative and if you gain expertise in this you’ve something to boast for. Timera is a must have app for your iPhone.

Grab Timera iPhone App and Grab Timera for Android from here.

Developed By: Timera Inc.