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Free Best Android Notification Manager Apps To Manage Notifications

Is your ringing at each alert or notification, that might be that important for that moment? Do you feel annoyed if your notification ringtones blows out when in a meeting? Then here the perfect solution is coming your end.

To have some personalized control over your notification, here in article we’ve reviewed some free best Android notification manager apps that lets you manage notifications the way you like. These Android notification manager apps are best at offering you personalizing features so as to manage the notification in the desired manner.

Let’s checkout the list below:

Notification Manager:

Notification Manager

Notification Manager comes at the first position in the list of Android notification manager apps. This app lets you pick your favorite contacts allowing you to get notified about social updates, calls, messages, and more. On the other hand, this app lets you hide or ignore notifications from unwanted apps or contact, in which you’re least interested. In addition, this app also lets you customize the notification lightening coming from your favorite contact and apps. This app lets you customize the notification settings and adjust them according to your requirements.

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Developed By: Mobile Systems

Recurrent Notification Manager:

Recurrent Notification Manager

Recurrent Notification Manager is another notification manager app that lets you customize the notification alerts for each app existing on your smartphone. This app lets you configure the vibration, ringtone, number of repeats and more, as per your requirement. This app lets you adjust notification for each app to and for each monitorized app it also lets you configure notification on ongoing or clearable notification, both if required. Worth giving a try for those who love to customize the notification tones.

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Developed by: RYO Software

Notifications Off:

Notifications Off

Notifications Off is another app that lets you take full control over apps notification in the most centralized way. Using this app, you can turn off all the notification that to by one click. In addition, you can also automate the tasker integration, according to your requirements.

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Developed By: Giorgi Dalakishvili


If you love to control every aspect on your smartphone then you must try these app to manage your notification according to your desire.