Facebook Modifies App For Mobile App Advertisers For More Success

Mobile app Advertisers can reach new heights, success and popularity as Facebook announced new enhancements where you can optimize your target customers and users by using autoplay video in app. Facebook announced some modifications where it will provide video with some targeting enhancements to its new mobile app advertising plan. This can be used to target Amazon Fire users that will help advertisers to build new recognition with success.

From this week on-wards, advertisers can purchase app ads and than be optimized for frequency and reach. Facebook explained in a blog post, “This allows advertisers to boost awareness while controlling how often someone sees an ad”. Facebook further added by explaining – “For example, advertisers can set their app ad campaign to reach 5 million people with a frequency cap of three impressions per person for one week. Since reach and frequency optimizes for unique reach, it should only be used for campaigns with brand awareness goals, like those for app launches or updates.” “This holiday season and moving forward, when eligible, video mobile app ads will play automatically in News Feed.” Although it’s not stated how you can determine the eligibility of videos. “To advertise Amazon Appstore apps on Facebook to Fire tablet users, combine Fire tablet targeting with the ‘New smartphone and tablet owners’ targeting group, which can be found under Behaviors during ad creation.” This way app developers can chase Fire device users and come in notice which can help in attracting more users to the Amazon Appstore.

Advertisers can now place video in ads by using Power Editor, so the option of autoplay video is going to be advantageous for most of them.

Facebook gives some tips for advertisers to make their app advertising a big success:
Find New Device Owners: We all know smartphones sales have grown alot. Targeting new device owners means new opportunities for mobile app advertisers. This will display you all those who have used Facebook on their new devices. You can find this option within Behaviours while creating the ad.

Reach Specific Devices: You can also target specific device owners, if in case your app is optimized for specific ones.

Optimize Campaigns For Your Business Objective: You can use to get efficient delivery for installing mobile app via ads. This option you can access by selecting “Optimize for installs”.

Identify Your Top App users & Find People That Look like them: You can build a Lookalike audience to target and find those people who use apps with similar characteristics.

Test multiple Ad Creatives, Including Video: Holidays are perfect time to test new ad creatives. You can create different types of ad-delivery to achieve desired campaign goals.