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Survtapp: Survey App With High End Features

Survtapp, a unique survey app, has streamlined the whole process of “survey & feedback” to a very significant extent. A great leap for the business makers! It is a simple but slick app that enables the business world to easily conduct surveys: offline or online.

Ever since the app was brought on board, it has been able to capture the attention of many business entities. Owing to its uniqueness, easy-to-handle and a vast collection of other amazing features, it has been able to carve a niche in the ever dynamic and ever changing sector. Its scalability and ability to work across an array of platforms has, undoubtedly, made it a prime choice.

App Design
Impeccable and apt design makes Survtapp a world class survey app for business purpose. It comes with a unique user interface which enables users to customise the question types. Users can customise with the help of its pre-set and operation manual modes, thus enhancing its usability and credibility. In addition to this, users also have an option for customising the form fields: the manual form fields and the pre-set form fields. Users can choose the form field option depending on their preferences and intended survey goals.


App features
Survtapp is a versatile online and offline survey application and can function in a myriad of platforms. It has been tailored to meet the all sorts of demands and requirements. Some of the major features that are associated with the app are highlighted below:

Multiple surveys using a single account: Thanks to the slick nature of the app, users can carry out several surveys using a single account. The sign up process is simple and easy to understand. Thus users get the full benefits of signing up for an account quickly enough. Simply log on to the Survtapp official website and you will come across a sign up page. Create an account within a few minutes and sign in to begin using the Survtapp account. Once you have signed in, you will be able to make use of the online features of the app.

Offline accessibility: To maximise the usage of the app, users need not have to avail internet service always. The offline feature that is associated with the app is an added advantage. Users can download the app to gain access to the offline features, even when internet service is disrupted. Quite beneficial for those users, who frequently undergo disrupted internet stress!

Question formats: It comes with multiple question formats. Some of the major question formats of the app include the simple text format, numeric format, the alphanumeric format, multiple choice questions, image capturing, Boolean format, radio box questions, scoring system questions, star rating and scale rating formats among others.

Questionnaires: Unlimited survey questionnaires can be created using the app within a matter of seconds depending on the user preferences. You can use any of the provided survey templates to come up with a survey questionnaire that meets your personal preferences.

Fully supported app: The app is available on iTunes and updates are available on a frequent basis. Users can optimise the usage of the app by downloading the updated versions.

Tracks the user: It records the actual geographical location of the user at the time the survey was answered enabling the user to keep track of the areas where the audience seems to be more responsive.

Pocket Friendly packages: There are three available versions of the app depending on the cost: the start-up package, the business package and the enterprise package which can all be purchased online in a single click.

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