Best Free Windows Phone English Learning Apps For Kids

Best Free Windows Phone English Learning Apps for Kids

Language is one of the most fundamental aspects of human communication and so learning languages has become very important for both to improve confidence and for professional approach, especially English.

So why not encourage your kids to be creative and more familiar with the English language by using the technology at their fingertips. So I’ve chosen a few Windows Phone English learning apps that shall help your toddlers to learn English by playing in fun.

Let’s checkout these best free Windows Phone English learning apps below:

ABC Book 3D: Learn English:

ABC Book 3D-Learn English

ABC Book 3D: Learn English (32 MB) – This is best Windows Phone English learning app for your kids and toddlers of age 2-7 that you want to teach English in different and innovative manner. This app contains an interactive book full of surprises and super cute toys for your kid to play with. This book also has fully unique and animated interactive objects and scenes like Xylophone, three-dimensional world, etc.  for your kids to play with. Every letter of alphabets has an interactive toy waiting to be discovered which will help in learning alphabets easily. This app plays a professional audio voice-overs and narration that give extra information about the objects your child is playing with. With a fantastic artwork by a famous Lithuanian digital artist this app becomes best among other and my personal favorite too.

You can also make an animated sing-along with this app by unblocking it and purchasing the in-app purchase. The best is that the single in-app purchase process has safeguards that prevent an accidental purchase by your kids. This app is safe and best to teach your kids learn English.

Grab this app from here.

Developed By – UAB Tag of Joy

Learn English Kids Free:

Learn English Kids Free

Learn English Kids Free (2 MB) – This app is a safe way to watch and listen to some of the dream English kids popular songs, you just have to open the app and tap, and your child can choose their favorite dream English kids video. This english learning app is full of colors, fun graphics, that includs the new Mini Matt cartoon character, is perfect to entertain, educate and enjoy no matter where you are. Our sing-along videos are sure to make your kids smile, dance, sing and learn. All songs of this app will come with teaching and learning tips to help children develop and get the most out of this app. You can teach your kids a great experience for long or short journeys, supermarket queues, playing at school or during quality time at home. You can also buy an ad free version of this app from your Windows app store so that your child will not get distracted while learning. These five great song videos are perfect for teachers to use in the classroom too. You can also use them as warm-ups or a full lesson. The 20 teaching tips of this app will help your child get the most of these fun and simple songs.

Grab this app from here.

Developed By – qt-nonstop

Learn English Kids:

Learn English Kids

Learn English Kids (1 MB) – Your children can easily learn English through this fantastic game. This application contains videos with different sounds and innovative graphics that will help your kids increase their vocabulary and pronunciation as well. This is a Windows app that helps learners learn English speaking and listening. This application has a feature to change playback speed slower or faster. These videos contain stories that can also work as lullaby for your kids in the night time. The videos of this app works on the data connection so to play them you must have active data connection. All videos of this app will come with teaching and learning tips to help children develop and get the most out of this app. You can also make your kids play their videos on their own which will be a great fun for your kids and little one. So can try this fantastic app with your kids and make them learn while playing.

Grab this app from here.

Developed By – Dev WP

Elllo7 English learning:

Elllo7 English learning

Elllo7 English learning (2 MB) – This is an ideal app for beginners. It provides pictures to define words. Now with Translation, Comprehension & Vocabulary Quiz and Pronunciation Test this app is very interesting and innovative. With this app you can store visited lessons, download audio files, and pictures as well. This app helps you in practicing and understanding English by reading the transcript while listening people with various English accents. There are 1200 and counting dialogues available to read, listen and learn. There is also a vocabulary section for each interview with audio comments which makes it best among other apps. This app also runs under lock screen. Users are free to download his app and use the materials for educational purposes of their kids and toddlers. Now with this app English Listening Lesson are easy to grasp from Library which is present online. To get theses lessons you can go through this link –  so do try the app with your kid it will be a real fun.

Grab this app from here.

Developed By – takacs.albert


Nowadays, English has become quite an important language after your mother tongue and all these Windows Phone English learning apps reviewed above are best for teaching your toddlers the initials of English language.ABC Book 3D: Learn English app is my favorite app as it gives a 3d effect to each object it shows which will be an attractive feature for your kids and toddlers.  So do try all these English learning apps with your kids and don’t forget to drop your precious feedback below.