Best Free Windows Phone Apps You Must Have 2015

Best Free Windows Phone Apps You Must Have 2015

Another year filled with sweet memories and joyous times has passed. This year has both sweet and sour memories. Now with the help of your Windows phone around you can make every moment for coming year special for yourself by simply by downloading these wonderful free Windows Phone apps that are free and best.

These apps will help surely help you in different manner with its interesting and smart features which you will come to know in this article.
So let’s go through some free Windows Phone apps which are useful for you and you should have for your Windows Phone in coming year 2015.



News (6 MB) – for reading the news different sources of the app are available in this app like NDTV, Reuters, India Today, and IBN Live. The choice of preference of these sources can be make according to oneself. You can get the topic wise news and headlines of all the new top stories, headlines, breaking news, sport etc of the day. This app provides you with full coverage of the news via pictures and videos of the same. This app also educates you informs, and entertains you whenever you want some information on science and technology and other aspects also. 24*7 news alerts will keep you and your device Windows Phone up to date and interactive with World. Live tiles option is also a nice feature of this app you can pin your this app on the lock screen option.

Grab this app from here.

Developed By – Microsoft Corporation


Camera360- Windows Phone Selfie Apps

Camera360 (16MB) – 7 shooting modes of this app is the best feature of Camera360 app for Windows Phone. Camera button of this app is arranged in circular fashion, different modes are available by simply rotating the circular fashion button. Now professional photos can be taken by manually focusing and manually exposure option of this app. Additional feature make this app more attractive like adding effects new frames, changing modes etc. Now photos are organized in original way-like a calendar and these photos are stored in your phone memory. Now your selfies will flaunt among your families and friends by using simple yet attractive features of this app.
You can also share your photos on social networks (Face book, Twitter, etc) and after personalizing them in your own way.

Grab Camera360 app from here.

Developed By:  PinGuo Inc.



Viber (21 MB) – you can send free messages and make free calls to any device that has Viber, on any network, from your Windows Phone. This is one of the most popular communication app which is quite popular for sharing photos, text messaging, etc. across the world. Now you can register with the app and can communicate with your contacts in free. It’s mandatory that viber should be installed in both devices that is one who is calling and one whom the call has made. You can also connect via Facebook for the login and more contacts. This video calling app also supports group chats where up to 100 users can join the chat at a time. The best part of this app is that part from supporting Windows Phones, there are desktop version for Windows and Mac also so that you can use it on laptops and desktops as well, which seem great.

Grab this app from here.

Developed by – VIBER MEDIA S.a r.l.



Mint (< 1 Mb) – Windows Phone has brought you with the simple yet interactive financial manger app. This app provides you with editorial coverage to stay updated every time. This app tells your exact expenditure of your monthly income. Now you can budget for each and every month easily with the help of this app. It brings all the expenses and savings together in with the help of Bar graph. Breaking news, analysis and opinion news from the world of business and finance are just a touch away. News can be saved for the offline and future reading. Sharing of business news and articles of this app via social networking sites, mails, and text messaging are easy and fun with this great app. You can also choose from different sections of this app like companies, industry, politics, money, international, opinions etc. which will provide you lots of information for your benefits.

Grab this app from here.


627. AM:

627. AM

627. AM (10 MB) – Windows Phone provides you with this simple app named 627. AM. It is similar to the alarm clock already built in your Windows device. Difference between the two is the daily temperature forecast which you’re in built app does not provide. Now you don’t have to download note making app separately as with the help this app you in creating notes for morning as per your requirements and needs. This app also reminds you of your important date, work which has been saved by you as a note. You can now set up different alarm tones for different days, as this app provides you with more than 10 new alarm tones. In a way it is an attractive app to wake you up daily in an innovative manner.
You can also download the paid version of this app from your Windows store which has some extra features and an ad-free version than free version which is an ad-supported version which will cost you Rs 80.

Grab this app from here.

Developed by – Xin Liu


Lockmix for Windows Phone

Lockmix (8 MB) – widgets of these apps help you in many ways on your Windows Phone. This app includes widgets like weather, news, appointment or battery, social network widgets like Facebook, and twitter, uncommon widgets like countdown, stopwatch, map, currency or RSS, fun widgets like famous quotes or daily horoscope. These widgets can be adjusted just like the tiles on your start screen. Background images can be selected from Bing image of the day, astronomy image of the day, solid color fill, and custom image. Rotating or shuffling the images is now according to your preference and choice. Purchasing the pro version of this app with many more extra features and extra widgets can be done on your Windows Phone. So this is in a way a lock screen content provider application that offers a great variety of widgets to be pinned.

Grab this app from here.

Developed By – XPERIENSIS

Super Photo Free:

Super Photo Free

Super Photo Free (7 MB) – this app is a Unique, outstanding with different effects which you’ll love. You’ll have endless fun and can turn your photos into amazing art pieces with just one click. Use can use your gallery, camera & Facebook photos to edit and add filters, 3D effect etc. you can also choose from different categories like Filters, Cutouts, 3D, Combos, Bokeh, Frames, Textures, Patterns, and Brushes available I this app. Notifications will help you in updating the app time to time. The full version of this includes 1500+ effects & filters unlocked for you now, full HD quality (up to 1920×1920) and no ads.

Grab this app from here.

Developed By: Moonlighting



Reminders (2MB) – Now in a hectic schedule you can remember each of your important work with this great app provided by Windows Phone. This app gives you a quick, and fast reminding of your notes. It is very easy and efficient to use. You can add unlimited reminders according to your preference. Now managing the upcoming and past reminders are easy for you on your Windows Phone. Reminders can be repeated in specific interval of time mentioned by you if you want so. Calendar feature of this app provides you with reminders list scheduled for proper day and time included in it. Cool features of this app are Animations and transitions which enhances this app of your Windows Phone. So you can grab this high quality, fast and smooth app for your Phone which will help you a lot in remembering things.

Grab the app from here.

Developed By:  Study circle

Call recorder:

Call recorder

Call recorder (2MB) – call recorder helps you to record phone calls and play back and transfer recordings via the Skydrive of your Windows Phone. With this app you can also add a name or number whom you talked with to the recording. You can pin to start recording. Just one tap will start your recording from your start screen. You can also add a password for the confidential recordings.
If you want an ad free version of this app then you can buy from your windows phone which will cost you Rs 110. this app works only on Windows Phone 7 and does not work on Windows Phone 8 which is a major drawback of this app.

Grab this app from here.

Developed by – Asleroid


Duolingo-Mini Games

Duolingo (2MB) – this app will help you learn different languages like Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and English in free. This is best education app from children to adult to learn these languages. You have to sign it with username and email id and this app will take you on journey of languages. Just pick your daily goal and you can easily learn the language you want to with the college quality education without the price tag. You have different bite-sized lessons it is fun to answer different questions. You can also track your progress with shiny achievements. Now learning will only get better over time with this wonderful app.
Grab Duolingo for Windows Phone from here.

Developed by – Duolingo, Inc

Scientific Calculator:

Scientific Calculator

Scientific Calculator (<1 MB) – now a days calculator are needed for all the calculation and arithmetic operations. Now you don’t have to download basic and scientific calculator separately as this app provides you with both features. May it be addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, logarithm, root, power or exponential this app will help you from basic operations to scientific and more complex calculations. This app also includes trigonometric functions like sin, arcsin, cos, arches, tangent and many more. This app also keeps record of your past calculations which helps in saving track of your number. This app will help students a lot in doing there math work in easy manner.

Grab this app from here.

Developed by – Thomas Tsopanakis

Weather HD:

Weather HD

Weather HD (4 MB) – this app tells you the weather city wise and forecast also. Weather HD is a weather app based on geographic information. Wind diagrams, barometric changes, times for Sunrise and Sunset are explained by this app. You can set the temperature unit to Fahrenheit or Celsius. You can also pin the live tile of the city weather based on your Geographic location to the desktop. The landscape photos will help you in viewing the weather information based on time changes and weather condition. Now you will be able to see the weather forecast of different cities with this help of this app. You can also delete the weather info you have selected in the setting page of your Windows Phone. You can also buy an ad free version of this app from your Windows store which cost you Rs 110.

Grab this app from here.

Developed by – appcreators

Daily Horoscope:

Daily Horoscope

Daily Horoscope (2 MB) – this app will provide you with all the detailed information about all Zodiac Signs. You can also check out the compatibility information for each sign combination. All the zodiac signs are listed date wise and once reading of information will make the instantly available for the rest of day. Now you can customize user interface like background, font and border colors and Zodiac button image. This app has an ability to email readings and cosmetic changes. Larger text, scrollable will help improving horoscope readability. This app also replaces “drab” colored application icon for minor user interface tweaks. Now getting daily as well as weekly horoscope is just a step way with the help of this apps.

Grab this app from here.

Developed by –Peoplutions

Metro File Manager:

Metro File Manager

Metro File Manager (5 MB) – now managing and organizing files in your Windows Phone is easy. This is a professional, reliable and secure File Manager for Windows Phone powered by cloud, email and sharing. Now you can copy, move, rename, delete, sort, and email the files you want. You can protect your items in Apps home storage with password lock. Browsing archives like folders and extract Zip, rar, 7z, gzip, gz, bz and bz2 is quick and easy. Feature of viewing pictures with inbuilt viewer, zoom and swipe along multiple pictures makes this app more interesting. You can also buy an ad free version of this app which has more features than free version of this app and can also upgrade this app with in app purchase.
Grab this app from here

Developed by – vNext Studio


CamScanner pdf document scanner

CamScanner ( ) – this app helps you in storing, scanning, synchronizing and collaborating on various contents across Windows Phone. CamScanner users scan and manage bill, Invoice, Contract, Tax Roll, Business Card, Script, Note, Article, Credentials, Certificate, PPT, book etc. it has 5 enhancing modes and it quickly converts to PDF/JPEG files. You can also upload, download and manage documents at You can also share your documents either directly as email attachments or upload documents to Microsoft OneNote or OneDrive. You can also share your document page to Facebook. This app is also available in Italian and Portuguese language other than English. Easy in searching texts in documents images, highlighting keywords make this app worth to download and use.
Grab  this app for Windows 8 Phone from here.
Published by – IntSig International Holding Limited

Verdict – All these free Windows Phone apps are my favorite as they are helpful in different manner in day to day life. Each app is worth downloading on your Windows Phone in 2015. These free Windows Phone apps  are meant for both students and adults either working or not which is the best feature of all apps. So do download these free Windows Phone apps apps and enjoy your New Year and do write us your feedback. HAPPY NEW YEAR! 🙂