Location Sharing App To Share Locations

Best Free Location Sharing Apps to Share Location in Real-time

Are you planning to hangout with your friends and at an exotic location for delicious cuisine but all your friends don’t really know the exact location of the venue.

Here is a list of best free location sharing apps that lets you share location live in real-time with your friends, family members, etc. These location sharing apps tell your friends and dear ones the exact location where you’re located, right away on the map. You can share location in real-time via Facebook, WhatsApp, text message, etc.

Let’s checkout the list of best free share location apps, below:

Glympse – Share GPS location:


Glympse is a free location sharing app that offers fast and simple way to use GPS to share your location in real time. The app lets you share your current location in real-time on a dynamic map, to see it live.

This app requires no sign-up and lets you share location if you’ve internet connection along with GPS access. The app runs in passive mode, where it runs in the background so that it could deliver accurate results.

The app is quite secure, as it automatically expires the current location after a certain time, so as to avoid unwanted access, so as to maintain your privacy. The best part of this app is to view shared location you don’t have to install this app on your phone, which seems great!

Grab Glympse – Share GPS location from here.

Developed By: Glympse

One Touch Location:

One Touch Location

One Touch Location is another locating sharing app that share location, explore and track, with ease. To those whom you wish to share locations with receives either an email or SMS along with a link to Google Maps. The app lets you discover and explore the points of your interest and gets you notified instantly the moment you enter the radius around your interest. This app integrates with Facebook, Google Maps, etc.

The app lets you secure the links with a password so that only desired person can know your exact location.

Most of the features of this app is available in the pro version which is paid one, so you can just try and switch to pro version, if required.

Grab this app from here.

Developed By: creative workline GmbH

MapsToMe – Share My Location

Mapstome share option

MapsToMe is another location sharing app that lets you share location with your friends, colleagues, and dear ones via SMS, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or any social media network. This location sharing app do not require neither GPS or any sign-up and just require internet connection. The app generates a URL to the location, so it becomes must for the recipient to have internet connection, to check the URL on internet browser. The app lets you checkout the route to the location to reach the new location, with ease.

To see the location, this app does not mandate you to install the app to see the shared location, which adds a plus point to this app.

Grab this app from here.

Developed By: OneWeek

Pathshare – Location Sharing

Pathshare - Location Sharing

Pathshare is a free Location Sharing app that lets you share location with your friends and dear ones, with ease in real-time. The app lets you setup session with your friends and share location for a defined time, easily. The app automatically stops sharing the location in case you’ve defined a certain expiry time. You can share your location via URL to that map, so that the person can track the way in real-time.

One of the best feature of this app is that, it lets you read notifications related to nearby participants and those who leaves or joins the session.

Grab this app from here.

Developed By: freshbits GmbH

PiLc – secure location sharing:

PiLc - secure location sharing

PiLc is a free secure location sharing app that offers you strong end-to-end encryption techniques so that you can share your location with desired ones in a safe and secure environment. This app  uses your device GPS and compass (if available) to determine the exact distance and heading of desired ones in real time.

It offers a map which you can use to visually locate and track the position of your dear ones. You can open the friend’s dialog-box just as to manage your sharing preferences.

Grab this app from here.

Developed By: sIX

Share location using these applications, so that you can share, locate and track everything in real-time.