Vizz.co is a Digital Mobile App Magazine, which reviews best apps available for your smartphones. Here we don’t just keep app freaks in mind who already have good hands on mobile applications but also focus those users who are not much aware about magical the app world. We talk about all types of mobile apps, no matter, free or paid. We target all types of users, from a kid/toddler, gamer, women to a business man. That means, we review apps for all types of age groups. We don’t just suggest you apps in various categories, but rather we focus on various platforms, like: Android, iOS, and Windows, and bring the best apps for you after thorough testing. We not only suggest you which apps to use, but also provide solutions to your requirements, which you can share with us.

Vizz.co app magazine is an extended division of Vizz Media. The founder and CEO of Vizz Media, Mr. Nakul Mehra is an expertise who has an experience of over 10 years in digital marketing who has worked with many international brands. He is a veteran who is highly skilled, talented and knowledgeable perfectionist. Growing knowledge and efficient team support has motivated him to take a step further in form of this app magazine.

Vizz.co app magazine will uncover latest and purposeful apps which might not be that popular but are efficient and worthy enough to give a try. This e-magazine will share latest updates on operating systems like: Android, iOS, as well as Windows, to keep you updated.

Here we’ll not just talk about “What is the app about?” or “How to use the app?” But will also provide you the purpose of each by telling you “Why you should opt for the same?” In short, Vizz.co team members are Subject-Matter Experts who do their best to bring worthy purpose-full mobile apps. Each team members are expert in their forte with efficient expertise abilities; give out worthy opinions about these mobile applications.

Vizz.co mobile app magazine will also interview app developers and unfold various interesting facts and hurdles faced by our developers while developing mobile apps.

Vizz.co team promises to stand up to the mark in providing you best and latest app trends along with purpose for all our readers.

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