Free Alarm Clock Apps For Windows Phone

Best Free Alarm Clock Apps for Windows Phone

The primary utility of the clocks are to awaken people from their night’s sleep or short naps; they are sometimes used for other reminders as well. While alarms might be unpleasant for some of us to wake up to, the consequences of not getting up on time are usually much worse. Most of us use many alarm clock apps on our phone. This works for a lot of people, but it means that psychically we’re dependent on our phones, even as we sleep.

Among the hundreds of new features in Windows Phone is the concept of an alarm app. In a nutshell, an alarm clock app is a Windows Store app that can schedule toast notifications to the second. Due to the way Windows processes toasts, this isn’t an accuracy offered to most alarm clock apps. In this article, I’ll explore the concept of an alarm app and look at what it takes to develop one of your own. These alarm clock apps were tested over the course of a week and are proven to wake you up in an effective and timely manner.

Shut up! Alarm:

Shut up! Alarm

Shut up! Alarm (4 MB) – do you sleep while keeping your phone on charging? And it’s difficult to set an alarm for you? This app solves all the problems, now you can make your phone SHUT UP! And keep sleeping for another minute you just have to either yell “Shut- up” or whistle or snap your finger your alarm will stop definitely. You can choose alarm tones from your music library as well and can select from different wallpapers option available for you. With the “set new alarm” option you can choose a melody, vibration, and when to activate the alarm. Settings option will help you choose different parameters to your liking. After saving alarm you can safely lock the screen alarm will ring on its definite time. You have a Multilanguage set option also available for you.

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Published by – Tonino Catapano



Interval (8MB) – this app has feature of an alarm, timer, and stopwatch application with some advance features. This app has countdown timer with sound and vibration alert, as well as a stopwatch with lap functionality. It also has lock screen timeout for the night-time clock view. It also has a skip alarm option that is you can silent your next alarm if you wake up early. All alarms come with a note that lets you know how long until they next go off. This app provides you with extra features like more ring tones with voice command, pin timer, pin stopwatch, themes and counters on your Windows Phone. It also has a live tile feature option which will tell your due alarms. You can also buy add free version of this app which has an option of trial also.

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Published by – Michael Luce

627. AM:

627. AM

627. AM (10 MB) – this is simple and somewhat same app as a built- in alarm clock in your Windows Phone. Difference is that it do has wake up alarm but also has daily temperature forecast. With this app you can create notes for morning as per your requirements and needs. This app will help you daily in getting up and will also remind you of important date, work or anything which has been saved by you as a note. You can now set up different alarm tones for different days, as this app provides you with more than 10 new alarm tones. In a way it is an attractive app to wake you up daily in a innovative manner.
You can also download the paid version of this app from your Windows store which has some extra features and an ad-free version than free version which is an ad-supported version which will cost you Rs 80.

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Published by – Xin Liu

Power Alarm:

Power Alarm

Power Alarm (5 MB) – this is a simple yet an innovative alarm app to wake you up. This alarm will only be disabled once you solve the calculation given in different modes easy, medium and hard to stop ringing.
This app will help in waking you up physically as well as mentally. This will also stop your bad habit of stopping the alarm and sleeping again. There are more than 10 ring tones available for you to wake you up in musical way. So if you want your mind to wake up early than your body then try this app which is available free for you on your Windows Phone.

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Published by – yasaboy



ZikWakeUp (<1 MB) – this is a quite simple app and free too. If you want to wake up with your music library that is the music you listen daily then this app will help you the most out of all. Now your phone will wake you up with different random music chosen from your library. You can choose any of the music you wish is to and is your favorite. You can also snooze the alarm if you just want to sleep for 5-10 minutes more. You can squeeze the phone or just can touch the phone to stop the alarm. You can also choose from duration of alarms from 1 minute to 90 minutes. The format of the time given is 24 Hours.

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Published by – CousiCorp



Wakie (17 MB) – it is fun and totally free app now you can wake up other people in the morning and they can also wake you up. You can also join the Wakie community via your facebook id or by telling your pone number. Best thing is that your phone numbers are safe and not exchanged with other people in community. You just have to set an alarm and wait for the call that is on that definite time any person of the community will call you and wake you up. The call will last for only 1 minute and they are quick and casual. This app is not for our country India, which is second largest Windows Phone users which is bit disappointing factor this app is mainly for Hong Kong, U.S.A, U.K. but still you can wake others. So download this app and start your new day with a huge smile and wishes.

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Published by – Wakie


All these alarm clock apps are used to wake you up early in different and innovative manner. My personal favorite is shut up! Alarm which allows us to yell on it in order to turn alarm off. All these alarm clock apps here are worth downloading and are free to use. So do download these apps and give us your precious feedback below.