Best Trip Planning Apps

5 Best Trip Planner Apps To Plan Your Trips and Travels

For all your travel bugs a good Trip Planner App can be the answer to all those pestering questions about your imminent visit to a new place. A good trip planning app would help you figure out everything you may need for a perfectly planned trip well in advance. Here in the article we’re about  to discus best 5 free trip planner apps that shall let you plan your holidays to the most exotic places that too without shedding huge amount from your wallet. These trip planner apps not only provide you detailed information of the place but also detailed overview of your stay and delicious cuisine.

No need to sit with stacks of diaries, calendars and to spend those sleepless nights on Google researching and making notes about the place in your dreams.



TripAdvisor comes first is the list of best trip planners apps as it allows you to surf through photographs, opinions and reviews posted by people who have already visited the place before. Just feed in the details for your flight bookings, the departure and arrival points, dates, class and number of travelers. Then, you can compare the ticket rates of the available flights and book a flight at lowest available prices. Get access to a database of all the hotels, restaurants, tourist spots, shopping sites, things to do, etc. for a destination and pick up the best of the lot. You can view numerous vivid photos, precise location guides, contact details of the hotels and places to hang out at the travel destination. Check the menus, prices and websites of the dine-out alternatives and save the details by just taping on the ‘star’ for later references.

An entire list of shopping centers and unique activities to try out in the new area is present right at your fingertips to avail. Keep an eye on the quality and reasonability of products and services through previous users’ reviews. Check out best holiday packages available, view the details of facilities, compare rates, and talk to the hotel staff and book in advance. Also having been visited a place yourself you can post photos, reviews for helping other travel seekers.

TripAdvisor is a true and complete package of all the information you might need, so just download it, explore, pack, load and go!

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TripIt Travel Organizer:

TripIt Travel Organizer

TripIt Travel Organizer is a unique app that’s the reason it comes second among the best trip planner apps. This trip planner app lets you plan all about your trip and keep it organized right at one place, so you don’t have to carry separate diaries and logs to keep reminding yourself of what is next on the list. You would first need to sign in with the Google account and then it’s all good to go. Add new trip details, feed in the name of the destination, the dates of starting and ending of your vacation, other details and description for the vacation. Pick up your hotel, flight and restaurant choices and add other plans like meeting or activities to be done etc. Add notes or photos for the activities and leave the rest on to the app. The app gets you an instant itinerary prepared for your entire trip and allows you to access it anytime you want, even when you are offline. This app also makes you armed with all the needed information about the direction maps and weather details of the travel destination. You can even share your plans and trip details with your friends or fellow travel partners through emails or social media platforms. There is also more to the app than just coming trips; it also serves as a beautiful reminder of all the trips taken by you in the past.

TripIt Travel Organizer is in every sense a must have travel partner that you would need for a non-panicky, easy and systematized trip.

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TouristEye comes third in the list of best free trip planner apps. There is a whole lot to explore with the TouristEye. Choose a city you have been dreaming of visiting for long and get all the information and straight facts about it. When you let the app know the destination you want to visit, it lets you know all about the place, including top hot spots to see, once-in-a-lifetime experiences to try out and craziest things you would love to do one there. Get the details with accurate addresses of the tourist spots and web addresses, opening hours, descriptions, maps and reviews for each of them. Swipe through several options and add the most intriguing ones to your wish-lists. Just choose from the various possibilities available and create your own list of places to visit and activities to follow within seconds. View already created wish-lists and find out what other visitors strongly recommend you to try at the place. The best feature of the app is yet to be disclosed, it works offline too. So you can view what all you jotted down to give a shot to, by incurring zero roaming charges.

TouristEye is a complete travel guide and a true partner for planning a fruitful vacation to a city, even if you know little about it. The locals or prior visitors list down all the various ideas for you to play with. So worry not and plan a bang on vacation with TouristEye.

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Trip Planner:

Trip Planner

If you are one of those oblivious bag packers who tend to forget the little things (or some drastically bad times even a few big things) at home, and keep cribbing over them the entire trip, then Trip Planner app is a blessing for you. This app lets you make your checklists of the little and the big things that you have to pack amongst the things to take along for you trips. With separate default item categories like ‘electronics’, ‘medicine’, ‘clothes’, ‘food’, certificates’, ‘cosmetics’ etc. you would get a list of items already prepared. Just chose what you want to take along by simply marking a tick over the item, add, edit or delete new items or even categories. There are mainly 9 categories available which mostly fulfill the purpose and you do not need to add any more categories except in the most extraordinary scenarios. Also the items already listed in these categories typically cover all that you can think of but even if the app misses out anything in particular you can add it yourself. So long before you are packing your stuff, one fine day you can think about all that you would need on the trip and make up your checklists calmly. Moreover you can keep adding and deleting things as the time nears and circumstances alter.

Trip Planner is more than a perfect app for this age’s travelers for their busy lives seldom allows them to sit and plan the important things to pack, eventually leading to a little sour trip experience.

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If you find yourself one among the category of the roadies, who have a special undeniable affinity towards unexplored streets and lanes and just love the fun of weekend road trips, without doubt, you’d fall for Roadtrippers. It is ‘the’ road trip planning app you ought to have on your phone. You can easily locate cool places to hang out with your road trip buddies. Pick a Start and an End point for your little excursion and let the fun begin. Find out the entire route map for the trip and get all the details about accommodation options, scenic attractions, dining preferences, recreational activities, camping possibilities, nightlife places and much more along the route. Search for lakes, forests or other natural strokes of luck that you can visit while on the trips. Hear stories from other frequent visitors of the place and learn about their experiences. View the collection lists made by local communities or knowledgeable trippers and pick out the most captivating attractions for your outing.

Roadtrippers would make you have the road trips you always wanted and some of the most wondrous experiences to cherish for life. So, just install it, pack and get ready to hit the roads.

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Try these trip planner apps and plan your holidays to the most exotic places where you wished to visit.